Access Keys:

Churchill Primary School, Caledon, Co. Tyrone


Teaching Staff:

Mrs Orr Primary 1 Teacher
Mrs Wilson Primary 2-3; DDT for CP 
Mrs Black Primary  4 Teacher (Mon to Thur)
Mrs Peters SEN teacher (Thur); Primary  4 Teacher (Fri)
Mrs Burton Primary 5-6 Teacher (Wed-Thur); First Aid; DT for CP; SENCO
Mrs Cartmill  Primary 5-6 Teacher (Mon, Tue, Fri) and Principal
Mr Clarke Primary 6-7  Teacher; First Aid

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs D. Reid   Classroom Assistant P1
Mrs D. Stinson   Classroom Assistant P 2/3; dinner supervisor 
Mrs K. Strain   Classroom Assistant SEN
Miss E. Burns   Classroom Assistant SEN
Miss D. Webb   Classroom Assistant SEN
Mrs P. Morrow   Classroom Assistant KS2
Mrs F. Berry   Secretary
Mrs S. Murray   Catering Unit Supervisor
Mrs T. Wallace   Building Supervisor / School Meals Assistant (Wed) / Stay Late Club Leader (Wed, Fri)
Mrs I. Marshall   School Meals Assistant (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri)
Mrs A. Agnew   Stay Late Club Leader
Mrs D. Keys   School Meals Supervisor
Mrs J Agnew   School Meals Supervisor, SEN assistant, breakfast club leader, cleaner