Primary 1/2  
Teacher - Miss McNiece 

Study Ladder 

We are using Studyladder for some additional and fun learning activities that we will use occasionally for homework throughout the academic year. Click on the appropriate picture to access the sign in link. Passwords have been sent to parents. When you sign in, click on 'My Individual Program' to work on activities set by me. 
Play Based Learning 
The sunshine is back and so are Primary 1 and 2! We are settling into our new classes, routines and our new teacher. We have been making super use of the outdoors and we have been enjoying getting out and exploring our beautiful surroundings. Play is so important for us as it allows us to use our creativity whilst developing our imaginations, cognitive and emotional strength. Play is important for a healthy brain too which we have been learning about in our new topic. It's our favourite part of the day!! 
The colder weather is here but Primary 1 and 2 are as excited as ever to get outdoors! We have opened our new BABY CLINIC! We have been observing budding nurses, doctors, receptionists and MUMS through our new role play corner. It has been the best fun! We learnt how important it is to feed and wash our babies, so Miss McNiece converted our water tray into a bath and washing line. We are able to wash our babies (with lots of bubbles) and hang out our washing every morning and most of the time it's dry before we leave to go home! October also brought our new WORK BENCH! This has been our favourite area this month. We are able to hammer nails into pieces of wood to create the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. It was difficult trying to get the nails exactly on the dots but we did it with great effort. We must always remember to wear our goggles and hard hats when working at the work bench!  
Winter has arrived but it hasn't stopped Primary 1 and 2 getting outside for our play based learning. We have been learning about our new topic - TOYS! Of course this has been a very exciting topic, we love to talk about the different toys we have in our houses. The Toy Shop has been our favourite part of play based learning. We have also been super busy cleaning our playground area where we have planted lots of bulbs. We can't wait to see what happens in March!  


We are getting very festive in Primary 1 and 2 during our play based learning this month. We are enjoying the antics of our elf but also the Christmas themed stations Miss McNiece has organised! We have enjoyed making cards for our family members and friends as well as having some messy time with the tree made from shaving foam! Have a look at just some our stations below - we have also been baking BUNS!  

(Home Learning) 

Our Play Based Learning has been taking place at home due to the current restirctions. We have been enjoying our play with our brothers and sisters! Here are some pictures from when we returned to school in the middle of March. 

April - June 

World Around Us  
"All About Me" 
Primary 1 and 2 have been looking at their new topic 'All About Me'. We have been labelling the body parts and inparticularly we have been learning how to draw self portraits. During our play stations we used mirrors to look at our faces, we checked our eye colour and hair colour. We have also enjoyed singing songs such as 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' this helps us remember different parts of our bodies.  
Check out our video below! 
We have been learning about the different toys we have that 'push' and 'pull'. We have been doing experiments with these and sorting these in WAU. We have also looked at toys have have electric and no electric and our favourite part of our topic so far has been looking at old and new toys. We have even made our own split pin toys and were able to decorate these whatever way we wanted. 


Our new topic is BEARS! We haven't been able to complete our new topic the way we had planned due to the lockdown. We have completed lots of home learning and activities such as watching videos and finding out information on bears, reading lots of stories about bears, making porridge for Goldilocks and the Three Bears as well as going for a Teddy Bear picnic! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures! 

"People Who Help Us" 
Our new topic was started during through Seesaw whilst we were homelearning but we have been very fortunate to get back to school and continue with it in the classroom! We have enjoyed learning about all the different jobs and people around us who help us.  


We have been working very hard in P1 and P2 during Literacy.  
Primary 1 have been looking at different sounds that we find in the environment as well as working very hard to hold a pencil properly and controlling this appropiately. We have started to look at the sound 's' we have been trying to sound this letter out as well as writing this. We have practiced on our whiteboards, in a sand tray and even made the letter 's' with playdough.  
Primary 2 have been learning new High Frequency Words as well as revising the sounds they learnt in Primary 1. We have been using the sounds we know to make words such as sat,pat,map,pin,pen and hum.  
We learn alot of Literacy through our play areas, we always have a phonics/literacy area which is great! We have enjoyed the invisible sounds board and the HFW skittle bottles. 
October has been a busy month in Literacy we have been working extremely hard! 
Primary 1 have been learning their sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n) and will be moving on soon to (m,o,c,f,u,d)! Keep up the super work P1! 
Primary 2 have been revising their CVC/VCC and are learning about CVCC/CCVC words - this is new and can be a little difficult but we are constantly trying our best for our teacher!  
As a class we have been reading lots of books together. Our favourite story we read and talked about was The Gingerbread Man, we wrote sentences, sequenced pictures and Primary 2 even completed a comprehension! We have also been learning what Fiction and non-Fiction books are and how we can distinguish the differences.  


Primary 1 have been introduced to their new sounds (m,o,c,f,u,d) - we have been using different actions to remember these! We enjoy the games Miss McNiece plays with us to help us remember each sound. We have been sticking sounds together to make CVC words such as cat,mat,top,pop.  
Primary 2 have been flying through their CVCC and CCVC words so far. We are ready to move onto harder words made up of CCVCC combinations!  
During our shared reading time we have been looking at lots of different nursery rhymes and other non fiction books. We love our shared reading time together and enjoy it when we join in together! 
Primary 1 have been building CVC words with all their sounds, we have worked extremely hard and have really enjoyed the actions Miss McNiece has taught us to remember our new sounds this month. Primary 2 are zooming through their spellings and are enjoying the different formats of words e.g. multi syllabic.  
We have learnt so much about non-fiction texts, with a particular focus on instructional writing. We have wrote instructions and even carried these out in the classroom. We know that instructional texts are so important and we need them in our everday lives e.g. a cook needs to follow instructions to make a cake. 
We completed lots of activities on the 'Tiger Who Came to Tea' - Primary 2 planned and wrote their own story about an animal who came to their tea! 


We have been using Seesaw to continue our Literacy lessons from home. Primary 1 have continued with their new sounds, words, reading and have been learning to write independtly! They have been working VERY hard.  
Primary 2 have also been adding their new sounds, we have learnt about double sounds and how two letters stuck together represent one sound! This has been tricky but we have managed REALLY well. Primary 2 have also continued with their reading, words and writing.  
We have been reading lots of new class books together linked with our new WAU topic - BEARS! We have enjoyed 'We're going on a Bear hunt', 'All about Bears' and our favourite 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  
We were allowed to return to school on the 8th of March - Wooo! Much learning was done in those very short 3 weeks of school. We loved discussing our new topic of 'People Who Help Us' and continuing to learn lots in Literacy! 

April - June 

We love Numeracy time in Primary 1 and 2! 
Primary 1 have been learning all about the number 1,2,3 and 4! We are super clever and are flying through our numbers. We enjoy counting in class with Miss McNiece and counting out counters, bears and cars individually. We have also been learning about the characterisitics of a 1p and 2p coin, we have also been trying our best to remember the names of the 2D shapes but sometimes this can be tricky.  
Primary 2 and have been zooming through the numbers 1-20. We have been counting forwards and backwards up to 30, ordering numbers and learning what comes before, after and inbetween particular numbers. This has been great revision for us. We also have been looking at money and have learnt how to touch count 1p and 2p coins. 
We love our Numeracy area outside, it changes all the time! Our favourite was the numbers on the picnic table - this was great practice for our number formation!  
Primary 1 have now reached counting to the number 6! We can count orally forwards and backwards to 10. We can been looking at money, shapes, times of the day and patterns! October really has been the busiest month!  
Primary 2 have been revising their numbers 1-20. We can count forwards and backwards to 30, starting from any point. We can also add 0,1 and 2 mentally to any number within 30 - this took some practice! Addition within 20 was super fun, we loved this, see our pictures below of how we did this practically! Like the P1's we have also been counting coins, revising shape names and looking at o'clock times!  


Numeracy in our classroom has been super! Primary 1 have been doing a super job on their oral counting. We have been recapping shape names and sorting different shapes for different criteria.  
Primary 2 have been learning to count in 2's! This is quite difficult to do backwards we found out. Primary have also been introduced to the 3D shape names, we were fascinated to learn the 'proper' terms for these shapes.  


Primary 1 have been looking at the numbers right up to 10 - we can have been learnning to write these and touch count these. Primary 2 have also been learning to practically subtract - this was quite difficult but we have enjoyed using our 'bin it' board which is a fantastic was of understanding the 'taking away' idea. Watch our video.  


We have been continuing our Numeracy lessons from home duirng the lockdown. We have been using Seesaw and Studyladder to do this. It has been great fun! Primary 1's are zooming ahead and learning about the numbers 10-15. Primary 2's are nowing working within the tricky numbers of 1-50. We are SUPER STARS in Primary 1 and 2! 
We were allowed to return to school on the 8th of March - we resumed our Numeracy lessons and had alot of fun with in those short three weeks! 

April - June 

Harvest Song  
"Thank you God for the Harvest" 

Christmas Performance  
"Away in a Manger" 
"Five, Five, Five Little Angels" 

Online Games 
Use the link below Primary 1 and 2 to access some online games! You can use these when you have finished your homework. ENJOY! 
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