P1 Literacy & Numeracy 25th May 

Click to download booklet with all Numeracy and Literacy worksheets for the week. 
Below is a suggested timetable of when to complete. Some teaching points and additional online materials are included too. 
Please continue to complete Reading and learning of High Frequency Words daily
We Are Learning To (WALT): Compare groups of objects 
Watch/Complete the More/Fewer powerpoint
Complete worksheets, page 1, 2 identifying sets with more or fewer. 
Weekend news, worksheet page 6 
Discuss what happened at the weekend. Choose something  
to write about. Ask your child to create a sentence about it. Help them write it using the word bank provided, or by  
copying word they get stuck on. Remember a capital letter  
at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end. 
WALT: Compare groups of objects. 
Complete worksheet, page 3. Count the sets, decide which set has more, then how many more. 
You can work this out by:  
counting on, how many more from the smaller number to the bigger number 
drawing line to match objects 1-1 and see how many are left over 
Cross out the number of objects in the smaller set within the bigger set and see how many more 
*See below for visuals 
Complete worksheets, pages 7 & 8 
WALT: Describe capacity of containers 
Worksheet, page 4 
Complete worksheet page 9 
Studyladder - 'Sh & Ch' pod 
WALT: Compare capacities of containers. 
Practical activity in booklet, page 5 
Play the rhyming game 'Washing Line Rhyme' 
or play rhyming I spy e.g. 'I spy something that rhymes with floor (door). 
Read the rhyming poem and discuss how the rhyming words have the same ending. 
WALT: Describe and compare capacity 
Studyladder - 'Capacity' pod 
Listen, Respond & Rhyming 
Watch the story 'Tabby McTat' read by Alan Mandel 
Complete worksheet page 10 - identify and write rhyming words 
Draw a picture from the story. 
*Tuesday Numeracy strategies 
Counting on 
Matching 1-1 
Crossing out 
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