P1 Literacy & Numeracy 22nd June 

Click to download booklet with all Numeracy and Literacy worksheets for the week. 
Below is a suggested timetable of when to complete. Some teaching points and additional online materials are included too. 
Please continue to complete Reading and learning of High Frequency Words daily
We Are Learning To (WALT): Understand and use directional language 
• Use and follow directions such as behind, under, forward, backwards etc. 
• Complete Studyladder pod ‘Position’ (5 activities) 
Weekend news 
Discuss your weekend. Think of 1 or 2 sentences you could  
write. Use the word bank to help you. 
Draw a picture of your news.  
Help them write it using the word bank provided, or by copying  
word they get stuck on. Remember a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end. 
WALT: Understand and use directional language 
• Practical: Give your child some simple directions,  
can they follow them correctly? E.g Give direction to  
start at the kitchen door and go to the dining table,  
but don’t tell them the end point. Do they end up in the correct place?  
E.g. go forward, turn right go forward 3 steps, stop. 
• Tip! 
To help learn left and right, is to look at your hands – palms and the left makes a capital L shape, for Left. 
(see picture at bottom of page) 
Extension: Download the free 'BeeBot' app. Can  
your child use the arrows to instruct BeeBot how to move? 
Read & Respond 
• Watch and listen to the story ‘Elmer’ by David McKee  
• Discuss about why Elmer was unique; one of a kind, something special about him that was different to anyone else. 
• Worksheet: Colour Elmer and write about what made him unique. 
WALT: Add 2 numbers, answers within 10 
• Worksheet - Complete the addition sums, most  
should be able to complete in your head or by  
counting on using fingers or number line. 
Your answers will be your guide for your choice of colour for Elmer. Use the colour key. 
• Think back to yesterday’s story. Discuss what is unique about you. What is special? Are there things you can do that everyone else can't? 
• Worksheet: Draw yourself and write about what makes you special 
WALT: Answer yes/no questions to collect data 
Worksheet: Ask a family member the questions to find out information. 
Complete over 2 days 
My Summer Bucket List 
I'm sure at the minute we all have a 'bucket list' of things  
we can't wait to do when the summer holidays start, or,  
as is the case this year, when lockdown is over!! 
Discuss with your child some of the things they are looking  
forward to e.g. play with friends, go to the beach, play at the park etc. 
Worksheet: Inside the bucket your child can write what they would like to do.  
Their sentence should start, 'I want to....' and they should 
finish it with their own ideas. Please encourage them to share  
their sentence with you and then write their ideas down. If  
they are writing words you know they can 'sound out' or they  
have seen before in their word wallet, please encourage them to write them independently. 
If they want to write words they are not sure of, please write them for them to copy. 
Write two sentences, but feel free to fill your bucket with lots of , 'I want to....' sentences. 
Remember to keep writing neat, use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces 
Colour in when you are finished. 
WALT: Interpret and display data using pictures 
• Complete Studyladder pod ‘Data’ (1 activity) 
• Worksheet: Show data using the pictures. 
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