P1 Literacy & Numeracy 8th June 2020 

Click to download booklet with all Numeracy and Literacy worksheets for the week. 
Below is a suggested timetable of when to complete. Some teaching points and additional online materials are included too. 
Please continue to complete Reading and learning of High Frequency Words daily
We Are Learning To (WALT): Understand the term double. Know doubles to 5+5 
• Double means when you have 2 of of the same thing. In numeracy, doubles are when there are 2 sets of the same number. 
Powerpoint – Read through each slide to introduce doubles, talking about the spots on the ladybird and how they show the double numbers 
• Worksheet: Draw on the double set for each ladybird  
and write how many 
Weekend news 
Discuss your weekend. Think of 1 or 2 sentences  
you could write. Use the word bank to help you. 
Draw a picture of your news.  
Help them write it using the word bank provided,  
or by copying word they get stuck on. Remember  
a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end. 
WALT: Understand the term double. Know doubles to 5+5 
• Practical: Ask your child to show you doubles  
using objects e.g. counters, blocks, pencils etc. 
Show me double 2, they should count out a set of 2 and  
another set of 2. 
Repeat for all doubles, in random order. 
• Worksheet: Complete the dice doubles addition. 
• Now ask them do they know what double 4 is from memory. Repeat using the other doubles. 
‘ng’ sound 
• Complete Studyladder ‘ng’ Sound pod (2 tutorials,  
3 activities 
WALT: Compare weights of objects 
• Complete Studyladder ‘P1 Weight’ pod (5 activities, including 
2 tutorials) 
‘ng’ sound 
• Watch 'ng Words Blending' video 
• Worksheet – circle the items with the ‘ng’ sound. Can you find any others around your home? Draw them and write a label. 
WALT: Compare weights of objects. 
• Worksheet: Identify which object is heavier/lighter.  
Ask your child to tell you how they know. (because the balance goes down for heavier object or up for lighter object) 
Read & Respond 
• Read the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ from the eBook 
• Worksheet - Complete the boxes about the story elements 
• Who were the characters? 
• Where was the setting? (Where did the story happen?) 
WALT: Recognise number words 1-5 
• Worksheet: Match the words to the numbers. Write  
the number words in the correct space at the bottom 
Game: Play Topmarks - Teddy Numbers. Select  
'Words up to 5' 
• Can your child re-tell the story from yesterday? 
• Re-read the story from yesterday 
• Worksheet – Sequence sentences from the story into the correct order. 
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