P1 Literacy & Numeracy 1st June 

Click to download booklet with all Numeracy and Literacy worksheets for the week. 
Below is a suggested timetable of when to complete. Some teaching points and additional online materials are included too. 
Please continue to complete Reading and learning of High Frequency Words daily
We Are Learning To (WALT): Recognise the number names one to five. 
Play Teddy Numbers Select ‘Words up to 5’ 
Worksheet: Complete grid. 
Numbers 1 to 5 go in the first column. 
Matching number names go in the second column. 
Finally in the third column draw the correct number of corresponding balls. 
Use this colour key to colour in the balls: 
1 - yellow 
2 - red 
3 - blue 
4 - green 
5 - orange 
Weekend news 
Discuss your weekend. Think of 1 or 2 sentences you could write. Use the word bank to help you. 
Draw a picture of your news.  
Help them write it using the word bank provided, or by copying word they get stuck on. Remember a capital  
letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end. 
WALT: Identify the smallest number 
Begin this task by asking your child to identify the biggest number in the 2 numbers you give them. 
For example, which is the biggest number 3 or 8, 4 or 10, 6 or 1 ? 
Worksheet: Circle the smallest number in each box. 
Game: Work out which number is greater than/lesser than. Balloon Pop Comparison 
Worksheet: Circle the ‘th’ sound items. Can you think of any others? Draw and label them. 
WALT: Identify how many less in a set. 
Worksheet: Count the sets, decide which has less, then how many less. 
Use similar strategies from last week. 
1. Counting on; start with the biggest number and count back to 
2. Match objects 1-1 and see how many are left over 
3. Cross out the number of objects in the smaller set within the bigger set and see the difference 
*Visuals at bottom of page 
WALT: Recognise and identify 2D shapes 
Complete the Studyladder pod ‘2D Shape’ (4 activities) 
Read & Respond 
Read Sun Safety text on Studyladder. (Sun Safety pod) 
Complete the questions at the end 
Worksheet: Draw and label 5 things you should do to stay safe in the sun.. 
WALT: Recognise and identify 2D shapes 
Worksheet: Identify the shapes as triangle, rectangle, circle, square or hexagon. 
1. Please read the following sentence twice and slowly to your child. Can they repeat what they have heard? 
"I put them in the bag." 
2.Ask them to try and write the sentence independently, saying the sounds as they write the words. 
*Remember to use finger spaces and full stops. 
*Repeat the sentence again if needed but try not to read one word at a time as they write it. 
3. Draw a picture to match the sentence. 
*Wednesday Numeracy strategies 
Counting on 
Matching 1-1 
Crossing out 
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